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API Blueprint on GitHub

By Z (zdne, z@apiary.io) on 03 Jun 2015

Collaboration and continuous integration are the heart of every good API design. This is why we care about integration with CI services and GitHub. I am happy to announce the major milestone for API Blueprint.

API Blueprint is now recognized as a language on GitHub!

All you need to do is to append the .apib extension to your blueprint file and push it to GitHub.

First-class citizen

The growth of API Blueprint over the two years of its existence was tremendous. Adapted by an incredible amount of API developers, consumers, architects and stake holders alike. Today, there are countless number of blueprints is stored in GitHub. And now, you can search for and see them syntax highlighted!

Repository statistics

The first place where you can see API Blueprint language is the repository dashboard. API Blueprint now figures in the repository’s language statistics:

Repo statistics

On GitHub every public blueprint gets indexed. This enables a search for indexed blueprints. Just add language:API Blueprint to your search query:


Note: GitHub seems to index only new pushes. Only recently updated blueprints get indexed. Unfortunately GitHub does not back fill indexes for blueprints created in the past.

Syntax highlighting

Blueprints with .apib extension are now syntax highlighted on GitHub too:

Syntax highlighting

GFM Fenced Code Blocks

Finally, you can use the apib language identifier in GitHub Flavored Markdown code blocks:


Better API Design through Collaboration

API Blueprint recognized by GitHub improves readability and accessibility of API designs. Helping everybody to read, write, share and discuss API blueprints.

And what is a better way to learn about API design but reading other blueprints?

Let me know how this works for you!