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Sharing Is Caring - Socialize Your Public API Blueprints

By Vincenzo (@D3DVincent, vincenzo@apiary.io) on 26 Mar 2015

Have you ever stumbled upon an API that was so beautifully documented and wondered, how did they do that? Well, at Apiary we believe that effective learning happens through socialization and collaboration. To help support this belief and the inspiration that stems from beautifully documented APIs, we added the ability to socialize blueprints.

Whenever you’re viweing public documentation, a new API Blueprint button will appear within header. Clicking this button will open a new window with the human readable markdown. This makes it a lot easier to learn how others are documentating their APIs.

API Blueprint Button

Start sharing your API blueprint with other API enthusiasts, by enabling this feature within your API settings. Simply toggle the ‘Public Blueprint’ setting on and you’re ready to start sharing your API blueprint.

API Blueprint Button

This is just the beginning of being able to socialize and learn from other public API blueprints. We have many more great features in store to help promote learning through collaboration. Next, we plan to merge this experience with our editor so that in a single click, you can open and edit the shared blueprint using our powerful tools.

So, what are you waiting for? View other public blueprints and share yours to give back!