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Apiary selected as Gartner Cool Vendor in 2014

By Jakub Nesetril (jakubnesetril, jakub@apiary.io) on 01 May 2014

Running a developer-focused startup is a balancing act between catering to the early-adopters and individual developers that experiment and spread the word, and catering to the needs of large teams and enterprises that can pay.

We’ve been the first to pioneer a simple, human-readable format for describing APIs and we’ve been working very hard bringing the best design and experience to API documentations. Our API Blueprint and our generated documentation help developers design and prototype their APIs quickly and became the world-wide most widely used service for documenting APIs.

At the same time, many of our customers found that the same tools also help large teams to maintain consistency across their many API teams, set up a sane collaboration and process around API design and help place interaction with API users into the center of their design approach. In that vein we’ve also launched our premium plans that solve a lot of challenges that larger teams are facing.

Over the last couple months, Apiary has been used in companies like Akamai, BrightCove, Dell, ExactTarget, GoDaddy, Nike, Rackspace or Target to name just a few. I’m excited that this year, a major analyst firm Gartner has decided to reflect this by selecting Apiary as Cool Vendor in 2014 in Web Computing.

There’s a bright future for Apiary helping companies small and large be savvy with their API design, development and product management. At the same time, we’ll always stay true to building products for individual developers.