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HTTP Morning Coffee Episode 1

By Z (zdne, z@apiary.io) on 21 Jul 2013

This post is part of our new series Morning Coffee where people behind Apiary briefly discuss their thoughts on everything API. This time, it is @ntmlk and @zdne, high on a morning coffee:


  • Rails-ism and how Rails shaped the world of Web APIs
  • @dhh (and Rails) have done an incredible great service for the API community
  • Unfortunately they have also committed a major crime
  • They tied a representation of resource with the URI space
  • They built the REST engine on top of the URI space and routing DSL
  • Modeling URI is irrelevant, the URI space could be flat
  • Modeling URI It is just a matter of aesthetics
  • For the same reason @steveklabnik is wrong in A digression about actions section of his, otherwise brilliant article.
  • It is good to have a nice and tidy URI space but one shouldn’t design his or her API around it

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