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Inspirational Resources

By Z (zdne, z@apiary.io) on 09 Jan 2014

Everybody needs an inspiration. Moreover when on the quest for a better API. Inspiring or offending, instructive or just simply time saving – it is often worth looking how others dealt with the challenges one have to face.

I have prepared a brief compilation of API designs – open sourced blueprints, Apiary users have created.

Bellow you can find a short list of selected blueprints alongside with notes on some perks of the respective API designs. Each entry includes a link to the blueprint in its GitHub repository as well as a link to load it directly into editor at Apiary.io.

Note: You need to be signed in to Apiary in order view the blueprint in the editor

Selected API blueprints:

  • GHD Registration Portal

    application/hal+json, error codes, URI parameters, resource description, resource model


    error codes, URI parameters

  • Appliance API

    exemplar collection and item resource design, URI parameters


    exemplar collection and item resource design, URI parameters

  • Notificare Push API

    exemplar collection and item resource design, nested resources, URI parameters

  • Tesla Model S REST API

    a car with an API!

  • Helpful API

    custom media type based on application/hal+json, HTTP link header, authentication, resource description, URI parameters, resource model, exemplar collection and item resource design, apparently work in progress

In addition to these blueprints there are always official API Blueprint Examples available. For example the Gist Fox API

Hope you were able to find some inspiration or answer to your questions. But don’t get carried away for too long. Crafting actual API has never been easier!

Remember to use Stack Overflow to ask questions on writing API blueprints.