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New Code Samples for Go and Swift

By Stephen Mizell (Stephen_Mizell, stephen@apiary.io) on 16 Oct 2014

We are very excited to announce that we have added code samples in Apiary for both the Go and Swift languages. There has been a growing excitement around these languages for a while now, and we’ve worked hard to get them added.

Swift and Go Example

You can see how to access these new languages above.

On Using Code Samples

One of the great things about using Apiary is that it provides a central place to collaborate with people in many different roles and with many different skill sets and backgrounds. On the technical side of this collaboration, API architects, developers, and testers use a wide range of languages to develop and test both the clients and the servers. Going from documentation to a usable API is important to do quickly and easily.

In light of this, we provide code samples that make this transition as simple as a copy-and-paste. As you are writing your API Blueprint and collaborating with others, you can also be trying things out with very little effort. We even provide tools to allow you to do some of this testing right in the browser.

Why these Languages?

Both of these languages are seeking to build on the features of existing languages by making the harder parts easier and by providing great and interactive tools for development. Go, for example, seeks to provide a language that excels in concurrency and garbage collection while being safe and fun. Many people feel it has lived up to that goal.

Swift is seeking to build on the success of its predecessor, Objective-C, in providing an intuitive, fast, and safe language. It uses a simpler syntax while providing great tooling, such as its interactive playground and REPL. We also have an interest in Swift because of our focus on providing great tools for building mobile APIs.

Other Languages?

Are there other languages that you’re using that you’d like to see added to Apiary? In addition to languages, are there any specific command line tools for which it would be beneficial to have samples? If so, please mention them in the comments and we will look into them.