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Paw Integration

By Kyle (@kylefuller, kyle.fuller@oracle.com) on 02 Dec 2014

We’ve been collaborating with the team behind Paw, “The ultimate REST client for Mac.” You can now download our API Blueprint extensions for Paw which allow you to import and export API Blueprints to and from Paw.

Paw is a full-featured and beautifully designed Mac app that makes interaction with HTTP APIs delightful. It offers a powerful set of features and stands out from the other clients.

One of my favourites is dynamic values. This feature allows you to populate generated data into your requests, such as OAuth signature or a timestamp. Even better, you can create your own custom values using the JavaScript extension API.

We offer two extensions for Paw. The first one allows you to import your API Blueprints into Paw. This allows you to perform the requests in your API Blueprint and introspect the responses directly from a GUI application on your Mac.

API Blueprint in Paw

Our second extension allows you to export your requests in Paw as an API Blueprint so you can copy the request and response into your blueprint.

API Blueprint Code Generator in Paw

Whether you are an API creator or consumer, the integration with Paw helps you build and test HTTP requests from your API Blueprint. It allows you to inspect the server’s response and even generate client code.

The API Blueprint extensions are completely open source, and we welcome any feedback or pull requests.

To celebrate the launch of our Paw extensions, we’ve got a couple of coupon codes to give-away to the first few people who email kyle@apiary.io.