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We’ve got Swagger

By Jakub Nesetril (jakubnesetril, jakub@apiary.io) on 18 Jan 2016

We love APIs. We always have and always will. We built Apiary to be the hub for your API lifecycle. Until today, this place has spoken just one language: API Blueprint. As of today, Apiary is bilingual… We’ve got Swagger!


Apiary has always been about being the best platform for your API lifecycle. We have pushed the industry to take a design-first approach while making documentation one of the most important components of delivering a great API. If you are a passionate Swagger user, you can now join the community of 150,000 API heroes and heroines and design the best API regardless of your preferred language.

Just as developers choose a programming language for their use-case, we believe you should be able to pick the API description language that best suits your needs. Every individual has a preference for different tools and languages, but the goal is the same: to build great APIs. Building great APIs is why Apiary exists.

What about API Blueprint? We’re committed to investing in the future of API Blueprint, as it continues to be the primary way we will drive change and innovation in the API design world. The roadmap is now shared and open, where you can see game-changing features like MSON listed. If you’re a Swagger fan, we invite you to give API Blueprint a try.

Swagger support in Apiary is in beta—not all Apiary features are supported. There is still more work to do. Support for testing and validation will roll out later this year. We are also exploring ways for people to move easily between the languages. Whichever description language you choose, use Apiary as the design platform.

The Swagger specification recently moved to the OpenAPI Initiative, an open, industry-wide effort to find interoperability between API tools. We welcome and support this goal and are working towards joining OpenAPI Initiative as a member and technical contributor. OpenAPI is based on Swagger 2.0 specification, and currently Apiary supports Swagger 2.0 out of the gate.

Questions? Ask away! We will be hosting a webinar on February 2nd to give a live demo of the Swagger features. It will be followed it up with a Q&A from our CEO and Founder. Hope to see you there!

Get Started with Swagger in Apiary.