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Apiary at Events in Nov-Dec 2012

By Jakub Nesetril (jakubnesetril, jakub@apiary.io) on 26 Oct 2012

As Apiary matures, we’re coming out of our stealth mode to talk publicly about the “apiary doctrine”—why we build things the way we do, why so many people love them, and how it all comes together into a larger vision:

Oct 29-31 @ Vienna, Austria Apiary is coming back to Pioneers Festival at Vienna this year again. If you’re around, let’s catch up!

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Conference was rescheduled due to huricane Sandy. More details coming on alternative date. Jakub (@jakubnesetril) will talk at API Strategy & Practice Conference about the Apiary approach to building APIs the agile way.

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Nov 11-12 @ San Francisco, US Jakub will be judging this year’s NodeKnockout contest and he’ll swing by the NodeKO HQ at Joyent if you want to catch up with him. He’ll also be in San Francisco for most of November, feel free to get in touch.

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Nov 16-18 @ Brno, Czech Republic Lukáš (@almadcz) has a talk at RuPy 2012 with a great title: DELETE /ivory-tower

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Dec 4 @ Paris, France Jakub will present at API Days 2012 on API Documentation best practices (full agenda details still pending)

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If you’re around any of these events, please—drop by, say hello and tell us how you’re using Apiary! If not, don’t despair, we’re still working to make Apiary great.